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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I put my Christmas present on layaway today!

Santa is bringing me a John Moses Browning (PBUH) designed, Brazilian manufactured, Taurus PT1911! My scary, black pistol will sitting on the shelf at Impact Guns for a few weeks and coming home in time for me to take advantage of the 75 dollar rebate!

Seventy-five buck rebate? How sweet is that? It was too good a deal to pass up. So me and Santa are in cahoots and I'm getting a nifty new pistol.

Its about time, really. After all, I do have 500 rounds of ammo in an ammo can already and nearly 2000 rounds of brass waiting to be filled up with 230 grain goodness. I really do need something that can shoot up all that ammunition don't I?

I also found a 2nd hand North American Arms Mini-Master that I think I'm going to put on layaway as a little stocking stuffer to myself!

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